DIY Your own custom mouse pad
DIY Your own custom mouse pad One of the cool ideas, I found while surfing is the DIY your own custom mouse pad. Thanks for this tutorial goes to designspingeDotcom. Hope you like it people. Materials: An 8″ round mouse pad blank 8.5″ x 11″ Full sheet labels A printer A craft knife a stencil… (0 comment)

DIY See-Through Calendar
DIY Gifts For Boyfriend : See-Through Calendar who does not in this time and age need a calendar to be organized and be able to show up on the right time for appointments? what is even better is having a calendar that is unique, personalized, stylish and have the touch of his loved one. What… (0 comment)

DIY Ipad – Tablet Case
DIY Ipad – Tablet Case Another DIY gifts for boyfriend project by one of the many writers at smashedpeaseandcarrotsDotcom. In this project, you are going to learn how to DIY Ipad – Tablet case. This simple DIY case will protect at least – depending on the materials you use – the screen of your precious and freaking expensive… (0 comment)

DIY Valentine’s paper clips
DIY Gifts For Boyfriend : Valentine’s Paper Clips That is one thing that he will love to see on the morning, while having his favourite cup of tea. Nothing is better than waking up the morgen to fin your favourite tea ready and wrapped waiting for you. It is even more touchy, when you find… (0 comment)

DIY Things About You Cards
DIY gifts for your boyfriend : Love You Cards If you guy is into playing cards, then there is no better gift for him than this deck of cards. He will remember you every time he touches a card and it might help you to know what you love about him and figuring if he… (0 comment)

DIY Custom Guitar pick
DIY Gifts for Boyfriend: Custom Guitar Pick if your boyfriend is into guitars or is spanish, then maybe this DIY Custom Guitar pick will be a simple, but a great idea for him and he will always remember you when playing, if you get it right. What you need: papers or magazine cut-outs sharp pencil scissors… (0 comment)